ALGADGETS offers a wide range of timely and cost efficient Drone repair. Call or bring your DJI Drones or any other Drones for a quick diagnoses from one of our experienced and qualified Drone technicians. Let us examine your Drones Devices and give you a free diagnosis.


We always follows intelligent methodology to deliver the best solutions!

AlGadgets Services and Repair is a nationwide network of service centers that are optimized to provide maintenance and repair for the emerging commercial drone fleet. We are a team of passionate UAV technicians, and drone enthusiasts with over 10 years of combined experience, with hundreds of hours logged in flying and repairing.
Our Mission is to provide you with the best customer service in the industry. We are the sole 3DR approved repair shop in the U.S. and we also work with all major industry players such as DJI and Yuneec. Our expertise is not only in repair, it extends to customization, aerial photography and videography, mapping, mission planning, flight training and much more.

We organize your Drone full Services

Our Work never stops by just selling you a drones, alGadgets Offers the wide variety of full services for your Drones. We take care most of our Drones by issuing them a Full Services Protection by Drones Insurance we offer. We provide the Professional Drone Training Services, that we can teach you to beginner to make you a Professional pilot. We always make sure you will get the Certificate provided by International Civil Aviation for flying drones.

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4 Reasons why to choose us


We are experts in all types of electronics service and repair. You can hand us your other gadgets with confidence, knowing that they are in highly-skilled hands.


In Repair Shop we promise to give you a high-quality services and repair at affordable prices. As part of a repair and services we will contact you FIRST, before purchasing any components.


We know how important your Electronic Devices to you. Most repairs can be completed within one hour, ensuring you get your device back as quickly as possible.


We valued our customer satisfaction by giving them the best repair and services they deserved fast and efficient. We make sure all of our products and spare parts are always available

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